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  • State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA)

    U.T Administration of Daman & Diu has constituted SARA for the constituted for the promotion of In-country Adoption as per the Honourable Supreme Court Judgment and Government of India Guidelines on adoption.

    Functions of SARA:

    The specific function of the SARA includes:

    • SARA-Daman & Diu came into being in 2015 with the purpose to coordinate and support the adoption activities of all the recognized and licensed adoption placement agencies in Daman & Diu
    • SARA is recognized by CARA, Govt. of India and sponsored by Ministry of Women and Child Development.

    The Government of India is concerned by the fact that the adoption program in the country has not been effective in providing family placement to a very large number of orphaned, surrendered and abandoned children, while at the same time huge demand for in-country adoption (by Indian citizens) remains largely unmet. In view of this ,In order to support Central Adoption Resource Authority(CARA) in promoting in-country adoption and regulating inter-country adoption, ICPS provides for establishing of a State Adoption Resource Agency(SARA) in the UT as a unit under the SCPS, to coordinate, monitor and develop the work of adoption and Non-Institutional Care.
    SARA liaisons with DCPUs at District levels and provide technical support to the Child Welfare Committees in carrying out the process of rehabilitation and social reintegration of all children through sponsorship, foster-care, in-country and inter-country adoption.

    The specific roles and responsibilities of SARA include:

    1. Functioning as the State level Resource Centre to coordinate, monitor and develop the adoption program in the State;
    2. Facilitating the setting up of SAAs, provide legal recognition to SAAs and maintain a comprehensive list of such agencies;
    3. Ensure that all adoptions/permanent placements of children are done in accordance with the Laws & Guidelines of the Supreme Court of India and Government of India;
    4. Promote in-country and regulate inter-country adoptions in coordination with CARA;
    5. Maintain a centralized web-based database of adoptable children with the help of DCPU as a part of the child tracking system;
    6. Maintain a centralize web-based database of prospective adoptive parents with the help of DCPU;
    7. Supervise the work of SAAs and ensure coordination between them within State;
    8. Ensuring that all PAPs are registered at SAA/ SARA;
    9. Providing comprehensive adoption data to CARA on monthly basis;
    10. Ensuring sensitization of all agencies and allied systems;
    11. Enhancing capacity of those working in the adoption system;
    12. Taking necessary punitive action when malpractices occur in the adoption program whether by licensed /recognized adoption agencies or by unlicensed individuals or organizations;
    13. Advocacy and awareness for promoting adoptions in the State;
    14. Developing and disseminating IEC materials.
    15. Advise and assist the State Govt for rehabilitation of children in case of revocation of recognition of any agency.

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