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Shri Praful Patel
Hon'ble Administrator Daman & Diu and DNH
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  • District Child Protection Unit (DCPU)

    U.T Administration of Daman & Diu has constituted District Child Protection Unit in both the districts. The main functions of these units are to coordinate and implement all child rights and protection activities at district level.

    DCPU performs following activities as per the guidelines of MWCD:-

    1. Contribute to effective implementation of child protection legislations, schemes and achievement of child protection goals laid out in the National Plan of Action for Children.
    2. Ensure that for each child in need of care there is an individual care plan and that the plan is regularly reviewed. Monitor the implementation of the plan.
    3. Identify families at risk and children in need of care and protection through effective networking.
    4. Assess the number of children in difficult circumstances and create district-specific databases.
    5. Map all child related service providers and services at district for creating a resource directory;
    6. Support implementation of family based non-institutional services including sponsorship, foster care, adoption and after care;
    7. Ensure effective implementation of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 and its Amendment Act, 2006 at district/city levels by supporting creation of adequate infrastructure, viz. setting up JJBs, CWCs, SJPUs in each districts and homes in a cluster of districts as required;
    8. Ensure setting up of District, Block and Village level Child Protection Committees for effective implementation of programs, as well as discharge of its functions;
    9. Facilitate transfer of children at all levels for either restoration to their families or placing the child in long or short-term rehabilitation through sponsorship, kinship care, in country adoption, foster care, inter-country adoption and placement in institutions;
    10. Facilitate effective implementation of other legislations for child protection in the district
    11. Network and coordinate with voluntary and civil society organizations working in the field of child rights and protection;
    12. Develop parameters and tools for effective monitoring and supervision of ICPS in the district;
    13. Supervise and monitor all institutions/agencies providing residential facilities to children in district;
    14. Maintain a database of all children in institutional care and non-institutional care at the district level.

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