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Child Protection Services
U.T Administration of Daman and Diu
Shri Praful Patel
Hon'ble Administrator Daman & Diu and DNH
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    The objective of the Society is to contribute to the improvement in the well being of children in difficult circumstances, as well as to the reduction of vulnerabilities to situations and actions that lead to abuse, neglect, exploitation, abandonment and separation of children from parents. This will be achieved by:
    • Improved access to and enhancement in quality of child protection services.
    • Enhancement of capacities at all levels on child protection.
    • Raising public awareness about the reality of child rights situation and protection in India.
    • Creating a knowledge and information database for Child Protection Services.
    • Clearly articulating responsibilities and enforced accountability for child protection.
    • Established and functioning structures at all government levels for delivery of statutory and support services to children in difficult circumstances.
    • Evidence based monitoring and evaluation.

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